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Montessori Parent-Infant Classes in Denver

MCHD Parent-Infant classes enable families to share experiences with other families, give infants an opportunity to interact with each other in an age-appropriate Montessori environment and offer parents information on how to bring Montessori into the home through discussions, online forums and readings.

The MCHD Parent-Infant class includes:

  • A home visit from the teachers
  • A home consultation if desired
  • A weekly “class” at which your child will interact with others in a Montessori infant environment, while you have the opportunity to observe and learn about your child’s development from a certified Montessori teacher
  • A weekly evening discussion group with other parents about the week’s topics, which one or both parents can attend
  • Topical readings that align with Montessori philosophy
  • A private, online sharing site where parents can interact with each other and trade information and suggestions

These eight-week classes give parents the gift of time to truly understand the wonder of the child’s development and assimilate some of the Montessori principles into their lives. They are facilitated by two MCHD teachers who are both mothers and Montessori certified educators specializing in children’s development from birth through three years of age.

Available at: Park Hill Campus

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