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Montessori Preschool in Denver

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Parents of young children have so many options for early learning opportunities and programs for their children. Children between the ages of 2 ½ to 6 years old naturally thrive from routine, independence, and the opportunity to do things for themselves. The Montessori teaching philosophy lends itself perfectly to this sensitive period of childhood, because in the Montessori classroom, children choose what they want to do throughout the day, and are shown how to successfully and independently do things for themselves.

Often in traditional preschool settings, children are in classrooms with other children who are the same age, and the teachers decide specific times and activities that the children will partake in throughout the day. This approach often does not allow for freedom of choice and freedom of movement, and can hinder the learning of a child who is having difficulty with the lessons, or create boredom for the child who is ready for more of a challenge than what is being presented.


At MCHD, we use the Montessori teaching philosophy in all of our classrooms across all three of our campuses. Children are able to choose what interests them, and work at their own pace. The morning work cycle is free flowing, in that the children can choose when they are ready to receive a new lesson, give a lesson to another child, repeat the use of the Montessori materials throughout all areas of the classroom, have snack, and help take care of the environment. The sky is the limit in terms of how far a child can go within each area of the classroom, depending on their interest and ability. The child who needs more time in understanding specific skills and concepts has the freedom to take their time and repeat the use of the materials.

All of the materials in a Montessori classroom are beautifully and intentionally designed. The materials are concrete, giving the child a full hands-on experience in what they are learning. They also have a built-in control of error, where the material itself lets the child learn for him or herself, rather than an adult needing to correct the child or teach the child directly after the initial presentation of the lesson. The mixed age group in MCHD’s Montessori classrooms lend themselves to peer learning, where the younger children are inspired by and learn from the older children, and the older children become teachers and leaders to their younger peers.


At MCHD, we have a very strong sense of community, parent involvement, joy, and community-wide dedication to our craft. The teachers, leadership team, and parents work hand in hand to help each child reach their full potential. We stand out from other Montessori schools through open communication and teamwork between all staff members and family members in our community, we create a loving, nurturing, educational environment where children thrive.

Each of the three campuses have their own unique charm, yet all campuses have the same goals, guiding principles, and mission statement in mind. MCHD is recognized by the American Montessori Society as an authentic Montessori experience, and we are one of a handful of schools in Colorado, and is the second school in Denver, to hold the AMS accreditation. We are also one of the oldest Montessori schools in the Denver area, with the 25th anniversary of our establishment being celebrated in the fall of 2016. All Lead Teachers hold Montessori teaching certifications, and all teachers are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extensive trainings.

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