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Montessori Toddler Programs in Denver

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MCHD Toddler classrooms are often the first environments children experience from home to school. Our environments are prepared to give the child the opportunity to discover him or herself, through independent activities that focus on each child’s particular stage of development. At MCHD, our role is to nurture the child through his or her unconscious absorption of language, community and culture, as well as to encourage and promote the expansion of fine and gross motor movement. The child at this age goes through huge leaps of development and each teacher uses the Montessori tool of observation to best guide each student in his or her growth.


The MCHD culture is one that is family-oriented and each of our toddler environments welcome open communication with families. Toddler teachers partner with parents to seek the best possible opportunities for growth and development for each child. Every toddler room has its own personality, but they all are equally committed to MCHD’s vision and to the Montessori philosophy and curriculum.


The first three years of a child’s life is the foundation of the person the child will become. MCHD Toddler classrooms offers thoughtful experiences for each child, based on individual needs. This is not a daycare environment, it is a place where experienced teachers choose to spend their time and energy; to be advocates for the youngest child and to be a witness to the child’s rapid growth.

The Montessori toddler classroom is one that offers learning experiences through realistic, concrete and purposeful “work.” For example, a child can be seen mopping or scrubbing a table, painting, watering plants, or practicing language through objects and cards, through music and rhyme.

“How can this help my child develop?” you may ask. Consider the simple act of scrubbing a table. This material is created with several purposes in mind:

  • It aids in the child’s adaptation to the environment
  • It teaches the child a practical skill – to wash a table
  • It helps the child with the act of becoming functionally independent
  • It aids in the development of the child’s will
  • It coordinates and refines movement
  • It aids in social cohesion
  • The repetition of this work satisfies the child’s need for self-perfection
  • The toddler is in a sensitive period for order, which is satisfied by this sequenced work
  • It enriches language by learning the names of all of the parts of the work
  • It aids in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • It aids in the integration of movement, intellect and will, which will lead the child to normalizing in the environment

This is just one of the materials in the classroom. Each item on the shelf provides a similar list of purposes, designed specifically to assist the child.


Our time at school is joyful; singing, laughing, playing outside, taking walks, and, yes, working. The efforts of Montessori toddlers are lighthearted and do not hold the same negative connotation that adults often associate with the term “work”. It is the important work of learning words, learning to use the bathroom, learning to be independent, learning to take care of the environment and others in it. The children are given the utmost respect in the classroom. Our classrooms never force a child to work; the child is offered learning opportunities and, through this, the child desires to do a task and repeat until he or she is satisfied. The adults in the environment have the enormous task of fostering the child’s independence, self-esteem, and self-confidence, all the while guiding the child to more challenging and satisfying tasks. There is nothing more fulfilling to us that watching your children grow into the people they will become!

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