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Why Montessori

The Montessori Method

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The goal of education should not be to fill a child with facts from a preselected course of studies, but rather to cultivate children’s own natural desire to learn, encourage them to take risks and enable them to overcome obstacles and challenges. This is achieved through a carefully prepared environment and guidance from well-trained teachers.

The Montessori approach is founded on the understanding that students need both a stimulating, well-prepared environment and positive, knowledgeable adult guidance to attain their full potential. MCHD students have freedom of choice within the school environment, allowing every child to fully pursue their own interests while acquiring well-rounded knowledge and essential skills.

The Montessori materials each isolate specific and important concepts and have carefully designed points of interest built in. Children are encouraged to discover by actually engaging with the materials and concretely experiencing the curriculum content. The materials also have a built-in control of error, allowing students to discover their own mistakes with minimal need for correction by others. As a result, students learn from mistakes rather than avoiding them, building an awareness of their innate ability to tackle and overcome challenges. When children experience the inherent sense of achievement, confidence, tenacity and resilience that are the natural result  of rising to a challenge, they achieve long-term success through a mindset of problem solving rather than problem avoidance.

At MCHD, all of our teachings are rooted in the Montessori principles: respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for the environment.

Respect for oneself Having a sense of self-esteem, personal responsibility and autonomy developed from being a part of consistently loving and empowering community.

Respect for others Balancing personal goals with an awareness of the welfare of others, developed through being a member of a community. This emphasizes friendship and equality, celebrates differences, and instills a responsibility for the common good.

Respect for the environment – Caring for our belongings and for the planet and its animals out of a love for both and a respect for ourselves as stewards of the Earth.

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